Seam Repair

A majority of homeowners are not aware that their carpet isn’t a singular piece of carpet. It is actually made up of many sections of carpet that are glued together with latex adhesive.

It is this adhesive that will start to break down due to heavy foot traffic, sustained levels of high heat and the passage of time itself.

When the adhesive under your carpet breaks down, you may start to notice it coming apart. These exposed seams can lead to more carpet damage the longer the problem is left unattended.

We highly recommend giving us a call when you see the problem, as we can have it repaired quickly and professionally.

If your carpet is in overall good condition, we glue that carpet seams and restore your carpet to its original state.

If your carpet has experienced considerable damage, our experienced seam damage repair technicians will remove the damaged seam and replace it with a new one.

We provide seam repair service to Smyrna and the surrounding area.

Trust Carpet Repair Atlanta for all of you seam damage repair needs and all other carpet damage issues. Want more information about our seam damage repair service? No problem! Please give us a call today at 770-637-7416 and we can answer all of your questions.