Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Did you know your carpet is more important to your business than customer service? This might seem like an overstatement but it is not. The moment a person walks into your business they are making thousands of split-second decisions about your business and whether they want to do business with you.

Like our parents use to say, making a good impression is everything, especially in business. If a potential customer gets a bad vibe from your business due to the lack of cleanliness, you will never get to call that person a customer or get to explain to them why your carpet was dirty when they walked in.

Don’t overlook the value of your carpet brings to your business. Carpet Repair Atlanta is here to help keep your commercial carpet ready to impress every customer who walks through your doors.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service will remove all the dirt and contaminants that have been stuck in your carpet for years, leaving behind a carpet that looks good as new.

Not only will your carpet look great, but it will also have your employees breathing better too. Our carpet cleaning service improves the indoor air quality of your business significantly. Studies have shown that improved indoor air quality leads to higher productivity and less sick days taken by employees.   Allergy suffers can breathe a sigh of relief.

For high traffic areas, we highly suggest cleaning your commercial carpet at least once a month to maximize the service life of your carpet and keep allergens in check. For areas with less foot traffic, we can help you come up with a custom schedule that fits your business needs.

For more information about our commercial carpet cleaning service, or if you are ready to book an appointment with us please call Carpet Repair Atlanta today at  770-637-7416

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services to Smyrna and the surrounding area.